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Title: Dave Despain on History of Daytona
Post by: Cheryl on March 07, 2006, 04:10:59 PM
I know this show was on a couple of weeks ago, but I recorded it and didn't get around to watching it until last Sunday.  Not sure if anyone else here saw it or not, but it was very well done.  I know I certainly learned more about the racing history of Daytona.  How they began (straight line) racing on the beach over 100 years ago!  That's amazing!  As was the fact the beach used to be where everyone came to try for land speed records (before Bonneville became the place to go).  Dave pointed out someone set a record of over 200 back in the 20s, I believe it was and 376 in 1935.  Wow!  That is SO neat!  If you missed this show and it's rebroadcast, I definitely recommend it highly.