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Title: Have the Bud people seen my web site?
Post by: Desmond on February 06, 2006, 07:41:16 PM
--Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a real NASCAR driver who was born Oct. 8, 1974, to Dale Earnhardt and Brenda Gee (now Jackson).  Buddy Wayne Barefoot is a fake NASCAR driver who was "born" Apr. 7, 1979 to Buddy Wayne and Brenda Barefoot.

--Dale and Brenda later divorced (Dale later remarried to the former Teresa Houston).  Buddy Wayne took one of his kids with him, leaving Brenda with the younger Buddy Wayne.

--Dale Jr. drives the Budweiser car, of course, and has one day talked about driving the car number 3 made famous by his father.  In Buddy Wayne's "movie," there are racing scenes based on the "good old days" of NASCAR.  His car number was...3.

--My web page listing B.W.'s "wins" includes the 2004 Daytona 500.  The actual race winner was, of course, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

--During Sunday night's Super Bowl, Budweiser aired a commercial in which a "bare lamb" runs across a football field, interrupting a game between two teams of Clydesdale horses.  Barefoot's "race team" is called BareLamb.

This begs the question: Has someone at Bud or its ad agency seen my web site? :roll: