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Title: I found this article interesting
Post by: Vivian on December 29, 2005, 10:35:46 PM
Read this on Jayski and didn't know if anyone else had read it or not.  Thanks Jayski

TV Deal...low? While NASCAR continues to celebrate its new eight-year, $4.48 billion television contract, investors aren't so sure it's a good deal. The new agreement represents nearly a 40% increase over the current contract, but some wonder whether NASCAR got enough. Even NASCAR chairman Brian France admits NASCAR will never catch the National Football League as the most popular sport on television. But at No. 2, stock-car racing could have demanded more, said one financial analyst. "We believe the announced contract is on the low end of the expectations," said Joseph Hovorka of Raymond James Financial. NASCAR will get about $400 million a year once the new contract starts in 2007. That's well short of the projected $573 figure Wall Street expected. Once the contract was signed, some Wall Street companies recommend its clients sell shares of International Speedway Corp., the company that owns half the race tracks in NASCAR. ISC dropped $5.70 a share when the contract was announced two weeks ago and hasn't recovered.(Augusta Chronicle

Title: I found this article interesting
Post by: Desmond on December 30, 2005, 01:16:47 AM
I agree with the investment analyst that NASCAR should have gotten a lot more money from the TV deal.

As I wrote earlier this month when the deals were signed, NASCAR does not (yet) have the poor reputation of the NBA or Major League Baseball.  I think very little of most NBA players when they leave the court.  I shudder to think of spending time with their posses; listening to egotistic, obscene hip-hop lyrics; and looking at their tattoos.  As for MLB, I would love to know what they have placed in their gym bags to replace the steroids that so many of them have been accused of taking.

And yet TV networks will pay more to broadcast their games than NASCAR races?

I just hope this doesn't encourage more bad behavior from our favorite drivers. :oops: