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Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: Desmond on December 20, 2005, 07:20:11 PM
This column by freelance author Jeremy Dunn confirms our suspicions that the return of ESPN in 2007 won't be the panacea for bad NASCAR coverage on TV:

http://www.e-sports.com/articles/1048/1/NASCAR%26%2339%3Bs-new-TV-deal-won%26%2339%3Bt-stop-the-complaining (http://www.e-sports.com/articles/1048/1/NASCAR%26%2339%3Bs-new-TV-deal-won%26%2339%3Bt-stop-the-complaining)

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: derbyit857 on December 20, 2005, 11:24:34 PM
At least I don't have anything to compare to.. We don't get ESPN.  :-)

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: Vivian on December 21, 2005, 09:34:33 PM
One thing I don't understand about all the new tv deals is why Nascar is not courting any of the networks or cable companies up in Canada to ensure that they have races available to the viewers up there since they want to somehow merge with Cascar.  I watched a Cascar race recently and I have been kind of following a couple of those drivers for several years.  Yet, when Nascar talks television and reaching out to fans all over, I never see anything about tv coverage in Canada.

When they go to Sirius (sp?) will that be available in Canada?  Is XM now available up there if people are subscribers and can they listen to the Nascar network?  Or MRN that way?

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: drpep (brian) on December 23, 2005, 03:46:43 AM
I think Sirius has just become available in Canada which explains why several Canadian music and news channels have popped up on my receiver and several Canucks have become callers to the Sirius Speedway show.

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: Desmond on December 23, 2005, 05:20:57 PM
XM is also available in Canada, and listeners in both countries now have access to NHL games and talk radio on channels in the 200s.

Interesting note: XM can use the NHL letters, but not the logo, to publicize the hockey games.  Apparently, only Sirius can use the league "shield" due to a previous contract.  XM uses a player silhouette (NBA fans would recognize its use).

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: Cheryl on December 28, 2005, 02:27:20 AM
I could agree with the writer until he got to these parts:

"ESPN will fill the need to begin each broadcast with long drawn-out pre-race show. And the majority of fans who moan and groan now about NBCís and FOXís broadcast, they will be the ones who will complain about ESPN and say that they arenít what they used to be and that they have sold out. Itís inevitable. Some race fans are just too hard to please. "

I know it won't be the same and I think that's what bugs me the most.  But to just lump people together and say "they're hard to please" is a bunch of crap.


"FOX and NBC have done a decent job over the past five years."

Yes, just not a really good job and that's what we were used to from ESPN (and even TNN).

" Each network has brought something new to NASCAR broadcasting, whether itís the FOXtracks, or NBCís "thru the field" segments. "

Yes, those things are new, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are good.  Just new.  I'm not against change, but not just for change's sake.  There has to be an advantage under the change and I'm still failing to see why the ticker is such a good thing (especially this year when it's wrong or behind half the time.)  After five years, I still find it mostly distracting and detracting from my view of the race.  Through the Field, I used to love, but after this year have grown to dislike it immensely.  Because NBC seems to think it's a substitute for real coverage and it's not.

"Maybe there are a lot of commercials, and maybe the announcers are corny. "

Yes, these statements are both true, but it's like the author is just brushing those aside as unimportant.  

"It can be annoying when we miss a restart every now and then"

How many did they miss this year???  Seemed like an average of 2-3 every race in the last couple of months.  That's not just simply annoying, it's unacceptable to me as a viewer.  

"but what some fans easily forget is that 30 years ago, fans had to tune into AM radio just to hear a full broadcast. "

This is the same old line that really pisses me off every time someone tries to rationalize how we ought to be thankful for what we have today!  I'm not comparing today's broadcasts to radio or Wide World of Sports.  I'm comparing them to the excellent coverage we got from ESPN in the late 80s through 2000.  IMHO, we've actually DIGRESSED in coverage from that.  Sure, today's "entertainment package" is better than highlights on Wide World of Sports or NO coverage, but it's not what fans learned to expect after ESPN did such a good job.  

"Fans shouldnít expect the broadcast to be perfect. They should except the imperfections and enjoy the race. Itís not like the current coverage is unbearable. "

Who says it's not unbearable???  This guy?  No, we don't want it to be perfect, but we'd like to see more of the racers and not just the perceived stars.  We don't think missing restarts is acceptable.  We just want something close to what we got prior to 2001.  And, lastly how the HELL can you enjoy a race when it's so fragmented by commercials, announcers talking about themselves or making jokes all the time, or when we just see the drivers and racing the networks thinks we should see; not what we WANT to see?  

Yes, I'm realistic enough NOW to know we'll probably NEVER see that again, even from ESPN.  And that's sad...

Sorry for the rant... :oops:


Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: Vivian on December 28, 2005, 09:49:50 PM
I didn't read the article.  I usually see what our members say first and after reading Cheryl's post, I decided I had the gist of it.  So decided not to waste time reading all of it.

Sounds like it is another one of those propoganda type articles that is used to condition (Lou's and my favorite way to say brainwashing  ;) ) fans to accept whatever they wish or desire to provide us with.  Although I do not accept it, I do feel I can't do anything about it so I refuse to stress out over the situation.  I will just watch when I can and then chalk it up to another star struck announcer having his few minutes of self indulgence at our expense.   :smt078

Des, thanks for using that emoticon in another post.  I love it !!!

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: old hot rodder on December 30, 2005, 09:31:27 PM
This guy is entitled to his opinion, but I sure don't agree with him. In this day and age, why should we tune in while expecting an inferior product??
 Corny announcers and an unbearable quantity of commercials are not acceptable, period.

JMHO--Vivian :-D

Title: A reminder that things won't be the same
Post by: sally on December 31, 2005, 01:49:38 AM
I'm with you, Cheryl.  I'm tired of these hacks who have probably never gone to an actual race, telling me that I should be GRATEFUL for inferior coverage!  This jerk brushes aside the fact that they USED to concentrate on the actual race as if it was inconsequential.  As far as his point about radio broadcasts, how many 'viewers' out there listen to the radio while they mute the TV?  That's the only way we can keep up with what is actually happening on the track, rather than what the 'guys in the booth' decide we should know.  He parrots the Nascar line that fans should be eternally grateful and settle for miserable coverage....as long as Nascar is putting more money in their pockets.

We all know by now that Fox and NBC won't listen to what the fans expect.  We still have hope that ESPN hasn't forgotten what it's REALLY about...the race.