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Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: alfers on October 11, 2005, 01:30:49 AM
to be completed by end of 2005: Negotiations for a new Nextel Cup
television contract could be completed before the end of the season, NASCAR
chairman Brian France said. The current $2.6 billion, six-year contract, with
Fox and NBC splitting the season, expires at the end of the 2006 season. "We're
getting down to the wire," France said Saturday at Kansas Speedway. "Looks to be
in the next four to six weeks or sooner there will be some firm announcements of
where we'll land."
France would not comment on which networks are part of the negotiations, but
speculation has centered on ESPN and ABC, its parent company, joining Fox and
NBC, each of the entities taking one-third of the season. FOX would get the
Daytona 500 and the first third of the season, ESPN and ABC would divvy up the
middle third, including the Brickyard race, and NBC would televise the 10-race
Chase for the championship. "It's competitive," France said of the bargaining.
"But the last three, four weeks we've been very surprised at all the interest in
network to cable. The package may change and look a little different, but we're
very convinced we'll get proper value. We're more concerned about getting the
right partners. We've got great ones now, but we want to make sure whatever
happens we get partners who treat us like our current partners do."
He also noted that the Busch Series, with its viewership up nearly 30% this
year, is also in line for a new TV deal. "The Busch Series is quietly doing NBA
or regular season baseball numbers," France said. "It's wearing out other
sports. Busch will never be the Cup Series, but we would like the new agreement
for that to be a franchise of its own, treated with promotion and announcers
that differentiate that series a little better as we go down the

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Vivian on October 12, 2005, 12:31:46 AM
Interesting.  Does anyone know if they consider cable and satellite the same thing, more or less?  With satellite you can get whatever you want; but with cable, they choose for you normally, don't they?  I have never lived anywhere that had cable as I am always in the country or mountains and it just isn't available.  So it is satellite or nothing for me.  I get networks and FOX from Denver because the time frame works well for me.

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: sally on October 12, 2005, 03:01:18 AM
Interesting that they think the Busch series will 'never be Cup racing'.  At the rate Cup teams are using the Busch series to test, it is rapidly BECOMING Cup.


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 12, 2005, 01:01:18 PM
Quote from: "Vivian"
Interesting.  Does anyone know if they consider cable and satellite the same thing, more or less?  With satellite you can get whatever you want; but with cable, they choose for you normally, don't they?

Not sure which satellite company you have, Vivian, but while DirecTV certain has more choices than cable, I've never felt I could get whatever I wanted.   ;)   They still put what they choose in their packages.  I got it initially to get ESPN2 (back in 1995 when it wasn't available on cable), but I'd gladly get rid of some of those 9 million discovery channels to get TNT-HD, Sci-Fi-HD and more movie channels in HD.  But that's not a choice yet.  Not that I'd EVER go back to cable no matter what.  I feel I get a lot more for my money with satellite, just not just what I want.   ;)


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Vivian on October 12, 2005, 08:50:15 PM
Cheryl, we get Dish Top 180 and it is kind of expensive (about $700 per year if we pay yearly rather than monthly and that gives us one month free).  I don't mind the History, Discovery and other misc channels we get.  We do need that one to get Bloomberg Financial so that is the main reason we go the extra $$$.  They have several packages that include Speed if we choose to go for less money.  We do have to pay for our Network channels with Fox and PBS separately since we get the ones from Denver.  ($5.99 per mo additional)  Our local channels (65 miles away) will come in but they are sort of snowy so we prefer to get ones through Dish.

I know this is off subject sort of, but I am happy with Dish.  They are much more user friendly than Direct which some of our family has.

Title: More on New TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 13, 2005, 02:01:03 PM
Vivian, from what I read on the audio-visual forums, the preference between Dish and DirecTV is like the Ford/Chevy debates.   :D

Here's some new info from Jayski on the TV Deal which talks about ESPN getting into the negotiations:

"RacingOne has learned that ABC/ESPN is in negotiations to acquire a significant portion of the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series TV package beginning with the 2007 season. The network would join current partners FOX and NBC rather than replace either. A new "Race to the Chase" portion of the season is being considered, giving ABC/ESPN a mid-summer run of ten events, beginning with the Independence Day weekend Pepsi 400 at Daytona and ending with the September race at Richmond, the final event for drivers to qualify for the "Chase for the NEXTEL Cup." That would keep the first portion of the season, beginning with the Daytona 500 and ending at Infineon Raceway at the end of June, on FOX. NBC/TNT's portion of the schedule would then focus entirely on the ten race "Chase for the NEXTEL Cup" championship season. NBC begins its new "Sunday Night Football" NFL package in 2007 and the pairing of NASCAR's championship season Sunday afternoons, leading into the prime-time NFL kick-off, could provide the network with a stellar ratings doubleheader.(RacingOne)(10-13-2005)"

I'm glad to hear ESPN might get a piece of the pie (albeit a very small one), but how funny that one of NA$CAR's claims in 2001 was "now you will always know which network the races are on."  Sounds like the viewers will be even more confused after this round of negotiations is over.


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: 17RoushFan on October 15, 2005, 06:46:47 AM

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: azbobbybooshay10 on October 15, 2005, 07:41:49 AM
I can't say I'm surprised at that news that NBC is out. And I'm very glad that ABC/ESPN getting back into things. I'd like to see Benny and Bob Jenkins get back in there, with Wally as the "driver" commentator.

Here's my "dream" ABC/ESPN Lineup.

Host: Bob Jenkins
Color: Benny Parsons
Driver: Rusty Wallace
Pre-race: John Kernan
Pits: Marty Snyder
Pits: Matt Yocum
Pits: Dr. Jerry Punch
Analyst: Allen Bestwick
Analyst: Geoffrey Bodine

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: sally on October 15, 2005, 12:07:45 PM
It will feel like 'coming home' to have ESPN/ABC back with the races.  the only problem I see is that we are STILL left with the obnoxious "BBB".


Title: If it is True...
Post by: jw on October 16, 2005, 01:49:58 AM
If it is true, I'm not surprised.

 NBC has never been fully accepted by fans since they got into NASCAR.
Name a NASCAR subject & NBC has been heavily criticized by everyone.
Say what you will about NBC, but their more "low-key" approach, Through the Field, & aggressive pit reporting needs to be continued by whoever comes in.

ABC/ESPN will be watching the current NBC/TNT talent next year.  If I had
to pick an announcer lineup it would be:

Play-by-Play: Allen Bestwick (if Allen is not available, Eli Gold will get a lot of discussion)
Color: Benny Parsons, Rusty Wallace
Pit Road: Dr. Jerry Punch(if he wants to return-It has been reported that
Dr. Punch was very angry over NASCAR's treatment of ESPN in 2001.)
              John Kernan
              Bill Weber
              Matt Yocum
             Bill Weber
             Matt Yocum or Glenn Jarrett
             Marty Snider
             Dave Burns
Pre-Race: Lead Pit Reporter

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: sally on October 16, 2005, 03:34:48 AM
Sad but true, jw.  People seem to be dazzled by all the crap that Fox throws at you, rather than wanting to hear about the race.  But then again, maybe that's what Baby Brian wants, all that flash and noise, less content.  Here's hoping ESPN maintains their integrity.   With the way that Nascar screwed ESPN in 2001, maybe they will not be so willing to knuckle under to the 'entertainment' angle Brian wants.  Doesn't Disney own ABC?  They might not be thrilled that Nascar put a 'theme park' in the infield at daytona, so close to Disney World.  That might not be the cosiest relationship.  I can only hope.


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 16, 2005, 04:25:34 PM
I may be weird, but I don't think we need TWO drivers or crew chiefs in the booth.  I wouldn't mind seeing Mike Joy AND Allen Bestwick in the booth.  They are both very experienced and IF left on their own (without network hype and silliness required), I think they'd be a powerful combination.  Absolutely have to have Wally Dallenbach as the "color" guy.  As I've said since he started commentating, I think NOT being a big star or winner and the lack of ego that goes with that makes him the perfect choice.  Many times he is self-effacing and you're never gonna get that from Rusty (as much as I like him).  Wally really seems to tell it like it is, if you ask me.

Pit reporters:

Jerry Punch
Matt Yocum
John Kernan
Dave Burns or Marty Snider

But as someone said, this really IS a dream team.  Whatever networks we get stuck with will put whomever some suit in the head office thinks will pull in the casual fans or a younger crowd.  They won't care about their racing knowledge or ability to focus on what real race fans want to hear/see.  It's now all about so-called entertainment, not covering the race or all the drivers.


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: drpep (brian) on October 17, 2005, 01:56:35 AM
If in fact ABC/ESPN are going to replace NBC NOW is the time to write and let them know what we like and dislike about the current package. Hopefully they will listen.

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Bryan Blanton on October 17, 2005, 06:43:23 AM
No todd harris would be fine that guy is so annoying on the indycar races.

I hope if espn televises nascar races they don't use him.

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: ronbarnes77 on October 17, 2005, 11:41:29 PM
:D  :D guys big issue for me is will abc broadcast more races than espn? big concern for me because my building is wired for basic cable only and that doesn't include espn.i may have to move out if this doesn't change.
also what the issue of night racing especially bristol and richmond will those races be on abc? i hope so. :?  :?

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Desmond on October 18, 2005, 04:15:56 AM
This is confusing.  We are hearing two different versions (one from AP, the other from RacingOne) about whether or not NBC/TNT will return.  I'm eager to hear the official announcement.

I agree with Bryan.  However, something tells me that Todd Harris will be part of the ABC/ESPN team for just the reason he said.  Would he handle Erin Crocker in the same breathless way he talked about Danica Patrick at the Indy 500? :x

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Bryan Blanton on October 18, 2005, 08:26:50 AM
Another reason todd harris is annoying is cause we had to keep hearing todd say how great dario franchitti is and what a great guy he is and this and that after 5 months or more of hearing it it gets old after awhile.

I like dario but there's only so much of todd harris saying he is a great guy over and over again you can take.

Also i get sick of seeing grown women crying ashley judd.

And i like some of the movies ashley's in but still.

Also i get sick of todd harris saying the new james bond should be dario franchitti he said that 100 times in the california irl race.

Plus todd saying he said something about danica patrick coming up through the field like she was really coming the only reaason she gained positions was cause people were pitting.

Cause danica they missed the setup on her car rahal said they put too much downforce in her car cause of the weather conditions.

I like danica and i do think she is attractive but harris repeats himself over and over and over and over i hope he doesn't announce nascar races he maybe worse than the foxcrew put together he ought to be on fox.

I don't see how scott goodyear puts up with it.

I know what i would do.

I hope they bring abc brings back paul page or jenkins or jerry punch in next year to announce indycar.

Cause this young kid harris ain't doing the job.

The only one as annoying as harris is jack arute he used to be okay when he did nascar races for espn in the 80's.

But somewhere in the 90's he changed. His attitude changed.

He became a guy that you would see interview grown women crying.

And arute did a bunch of other nonsense.

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 18, 2005, 12:24:20 PM
Personally, I don't care to hear about Danica at all... ;)


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: derbyit857 on October 20, 2005, 04:47:51 PM
With all this talk about the upcoming changes, I am just praying we still get to see the full Cup schedule here.  We are not allowed (thanks to the CRTC!) to have ESPN in Canada (so they partnered with the inept TSN channel here that I have mentioned before that we LOVE so much ;-) )..

ABC no problem. Get at least two feeds of that on the dish..

I guess it's not really much different than what we have now.  We get Fox, and NBC but aren't allowed to get TNT or FX.  Luckily TSN picked up the cup races that weren't on NBC/FOX.  However I noticed this year that our other sports channel (Rogers Sportsnet) used to show a few Busch races. This year I didn't see ANY in the guide.  That sucks!  No Busch races shown here that weren't on NBC.

I just hope whoever gets the contract remembers that it's not only the U.S. who likes watching NASCAR!

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: sally on October 20, 2005, 05:33:36 PM
Perhaps it's time to be pro active and remind ESPN about the fans of the North Country who are also fans.  Can't hurt.


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 20, 2005, 05:49:54 PM
Quote from: "sally"
Perhaps it's time to be pro active and remind ESPN about the fans of the North Country who are also fans.  Can't hurt.

Sally, I think Craig is saying it's the Canadian government or broadcasters that do NOT allow them to get ESPN.  I don't think it's ESPN's choice.  But I could be wrong!    :?


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: derbyit857 on October 21, 2005, 05:54:53 PM
You are 100% correct Cheryl.. The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission) dictates what channels are allowed to be broadcast here.  Here is a snip from their website's FAQ.. 100% pure "Government speak" here.. :-)

Q. Why canít I watch more American and other non-Canadian programs?
A. The CRTC is committed to giving Canadians access to a wide variety of broadcasting services, both foreign and Canadian. Part of the CRTC's mandate, however, is to ensure that cable companies, direct-to-home (DTH) satellite services (i.e. Bell ExpressVu and StarChoice) and multipoint distribution systems (MDS) such as Look TV, Image Communications, and Sky Cable, give priority to the carriage of Canadian television signals

AKA we are only allowed so many "non-Canadian content" channels and any new channels our providers want to add, have to go through these clowns first..  

No wonder some people up here said to heck with the Government and went and bought a grey market dish and grabbed up DirectTV, etc. signals originally intended for you guys in the U.S..  They weren't trying to "steal free TV", they were only trying to have more choices in what we are able to watch!

Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: Desmond on October 23, 2005, 12:08:46 AM
I agree, Craig.  Such artificial protections for Canadian programming stink.

The entertainment world is truly global.  If Canadian shows are not as good as those in the rest of the world, they shouldn't be on TV even in their home country.

Thank goodness the U.S. has nothing like that.  Now, as for content, that's another matter...

Title: More News on New TV Deal
Post by: Cheryl on October 25, 2005, 12:58:10 PM
From Jayski today:

"NASCAR considers TV moves: NASCAR is trying to create a six-race package for TNT into its next Nextel Cup television package, Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal reports. Sources told the publication that NASCAR is looking at taking three races from Fox and three from ABC/ESPN for TNT, although the races have not been identified. In this week's issue, writer Andy Bernstein also says that NASCAR wants to give Fox a chance to bid before awarding the entire Busch Series schedule to ESPN for its ESPN2 channel, a move that was reported earlier. Bernstein also reports that NASCAR has told networks that it must have further discussions with Fox before making any final decisions on the new TV package.(NASCAR Scene Daily Newsletter)(10-24-2005)"

So...we're to assume the next TV contract will be even more fragmented than before 2001, huh?  Of course,  I'm all for anything that takes some races away from Fox.   :smt041


Title: 2007 TV Deal
Post by: sally on October 25, 2005, 05:44:01 PM
And this new TV deal was sold to the public as a way to allow fans to know exactly where to find the races on TV, right?  No mention of how much of the money goes directly into Nascar pockets.  Sounds as if we will have even more networks carrying races than we had before the deal.  But, like you, Cheryl, anything that shortens the Fox schedule is OK by me!