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Title: McMurray to 97 in '07, Kluever to #6
Post by: azbobbybooshay10 on October 08, 2005, 01:12:08 AM
Jack Roush was on Trackside earlier and made a remark about his 2007 teams. "We're preparing for Jamie to join us in 2007, as well as Todd Kluever to come over to drive the 6 car in 2007." (Not sure if that was the EXACT quote, but it was basically along those lines.)

I'd heard the rumor on Jayski a month ago or so, and now it seems official. Jamie McMurray will take over th 97 car of Kurt Busch in 2007, while Todd Kluever will move up from the trucks to take Marks seat in the 6. I guess that also makes sense, because it will allow Mark to take over the #50 truck in 2007 and run the full truck series.

Now what that DOESN"T answer is Kurt Busch's status for 2006. Roush sounded like Kurt is gonna be there, not Penske. But then what happens with the #2 next year? Its starting to get a little late in the year to get a "good" driver for 06, so IDK whats gonna happen with that. But at least one of those situations seems to be resolved.