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Title: 'Dega
Post by: sally on October 03, 2005, 12:51:57 AM
I hate plate racing.  I'm tired of announcers and drivers saying that all fans love plate races.

Title: 'Dega
Post by: TexasDeb on October 03, 2005, 02:30:25 AM
I agree absolutely.  How do we fans (real fans) tell NASCAR and the media that we hate this farce?


Title: 'Dega
Post by: sally on October 03, 2005, 11:41:43 AM
Judging by all the empty seats at the track, and the relatively empty infield, maybe we aren't the only ones who don't like plate races.  To be fair, I'm sure the hurricanes in the area had a tremendous effect.

Title: 'Dega
Post by: Cheryl on October 03, 2005, 12:31:59 PM
I moved this thread to "race talk" since this thread was SUPPOSE to be about the TV broadcast.  Trust me, I join in your frustration about the restrictor-plate tracks, just want to keep stuff under the proper topics.  

I HATED to see the very frightening wrecks yesterday and am thankful everyone got out of Talladega without injuries.  IMHO, NASCAR has reaped what they've sown by including this race is the Chase.  Everyone was driving crazy all day long.  And I do agree with Benny Parsons, they need to outlaw the reinforced bumpers and that would get rid of this stupid bump drafting that the newer drivers starting using a few years ago.

That said, I WAS happy to see a driver who didn't need to bump draft win the race.  Great job for Jarrett and good to see him back in Victory Lane.  Although not racing back to the caution is still stupid IMHO.  I think DJ would've won even if that happened, but I'll never like freezing the field during a GWC.

Also good to see the veteran drivers speak out about the stupidity of the restrictor plates.  Martin is right that the fans can do something about it.  They can vote with their dollars and stop buying tickets.  Lou and I did notice lots of empty seats yesterday, but until more people start boycotting these tracks, nothing will change.