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Title: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: marrtinigirl on February 11, 2004, 02:01:10 AM
I remember a couple of years ago, or was it last year, that people were comparing NASCAR to wrestling.  I found it to be offensive, figuring that people just needed something to compare it to and complain about.

Last night, while watching wrestling, I realized that perhaps the comparison wasn't all wrong.  Wrestling is full of gimmicks and nothing more.  They decide who is going to win the title, where they will win, who they will defeat and when.  With this new little play-off (not a play-off, whatever) NASCAR is basically dictating who will be the champion.

The sad part about it, though, is Vince Mcmann has much better ideas than Brian France.  Perhaps they should do lunch....

I laugh now, but give it a couple of years, it may happen.

Title: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: Vivian on February 11, 2004, 02:51:04 AM
Hey Martinigirl!  Glad you decided to jump in and join us!
Did you read my article on Speedcouch dated 1/21 or somewhere around that time?  After the points change announcement on the 20th I renamed it NNE (Nextel Nascar Entertainment).  I have felt this way for a while actually.  With all the happenings with the commentators especially on Fox where they do wierd things and stage strange events I could not help but make the comparison.  The new direction is not too popular but as Brian France said, they aren't holding their fingers in the air to see what the fans think.  Frankly, maybe they are holding the middle one up!??!!
Anyway, thanks again & welcome! :)

Title: re: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: Cheryl on February 11, 2004, 02:08:18 PM
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, here's more absurdity from NASCAR.  Now they're going to have their own "theme song."  How much more "made-for-tv" or tabloid can it get?  Here's the item from Jayski:

"NASCAR Theme Song: Motor Music, a partnership between NASCAR and Cherry Lane Music Publishing, announces the unveiling of NASCAR's theme song, "Thunder." Composed by David Robidoux and mixed by Alan Meyerson, the NASCAR theme song, "Thunder" conveys the thrills, excitement and drama of NASCAR racing. This is the first time in the 56-year history of the sport that NASCAR will have branded theme music. In addition to the NASCAR theme song, Motor Music has created an initial 15-CD library of instrumental and orchestral cues covering a wide variety of genres. The NASCAR theme and library are intended for domestic and international broadcasts -- NASCAR races are now broadcast in 115 countries -- including television, radio, online and new media avenues of delivery, as well as commercial recordings. They are the first installments in an ever expanding body of NASCAR music that will enhance the brand beyond sports programming.(Business Wire)(2-10-2004)"


Title: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: kgregg on February 11, 2004, 03:44:41 PM
Yeah, the theme song idea is pretty pathetic..

How many times will NBC play the song during the race?  Boy, I cannot wait.


Title: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: marrtinigirl on February 12, 2004, 05:43:55 PM
A theme song, you say?  That's wonderful!!  And perhaps each of the drivers could get their own entrance music!!  And instead of the Nextel Cup, we can have the Nextel Belt.  And think of all of the new "Finishing moves"!!  Kurt Busch already has the bash and shrug.  And Tony Stewart with the slap and pout!!  I see it now!!  Wallace 3:16!!

This is ridiculous.  I'd rather just watch wrestling, at least they are no longer referring to it as a sport.

Title: NASCAR'S new direction
Post by: Vivian on February 12, 2004, 05:56:34 PM
I love the reference to the Nextel Belt!  Hey, did you see Tony last night on Wind Tunnel?  He was so nice and polite and cracked a few jokes.  I like what he said about one show and one media person (Dave) not being afraid to say what they think.  I like that kind of thing.  Tell it like it is!  In reference to the theme song, if it is good, maybe it will replace some of the Levitra commercials which sometimes are coming in back to back.