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Title: Could it be
Post by: Vivian on April 26, 2004, 08:33:08 PM
that the end results would have been different if Nascar had run the green, white and checkers?  Jr usually faded back on restarts and his finish would probably have been further back and the whole top five would have been different but then I can't live on DW's shoulda, coulda, woulda theory.  I have to stay with present reality (although I don't like the reality shows). It was what it was and I truly don't know who was where when the light came on or even if the flag flew when or before or after the light; but I do know Nascar made a decision and it will stay regardless of what replays show or don't show.  I just know, like John, I am glad we get to watch the races and we might as well enjoy this first part of the season.  By the way, congratulations on your new Sophmore status, John.  8)