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Title: Rules of thumb of Topics on NASCAR Nation
Post by: Desmond on July 14, 2005, 04:33:51 PM
I have now watched over two weeks of NASCAR Nation.  The rules of engagement on the new show are clear:

--Ceremonial first pitches (Carl Edwards and Brian Vickers)
--Charity fund raisers (softball games, Kyle Petty)
--Tours of luxurious homes that rival those of other celebrities
--Fawning fans demanding autographs--on body parts
--Unlimited butt-kissing by hosts
--Online poll questions that make Cingular's look intelligent
--Pets, pets, pets!
--Comments that makes sense
--Professional opinions of anything
--News or rumors of any kind
--Any fan input on "Sound Off"
--Fantasy tips and weather updates (used to be on Thursday)
--Above all, anything that makes NASCAR look bad

There's a quick guide for those who haven't watched lately.