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Title: Here, put this on your tongue said the doctor.
Post by: Smallblock bored on June 21, 2005, 02:42:45 PM
If NASCAR is the body producing, paying for and for all intents and purposes, responsible for these BUSCH ads that state
You never know wholl show up, then where is this buschwacker stuff coming from? The regulars at that level are concerned Im sure as the top prizes go to these so-called ringers it would appear. Not to dig in deep to the stats pile for absolutes, but as an overall view of things this would seem the flavor of the day by far.
 The marketing ploy seems to pit Jack VS. the Giant in a sort of a cameo light.
  I believe that NASCAR is simply buttering every ones bread in hopes that the situation will defuse itself in the long run. I do not believe that NASCAR is blind to the fact that few viewers or ticket buyers do their thing to watch a cat named Green before one named Stewart. In all likelihood NASCAR knows in its heart of hearts that the BUSCH series needs some CUP CAKES to go along with the main body.
 No saving grace seems to be on the horizon as future stars such as Reed Sorenson and Kyle Busch are quickly ushered upstairs as the guys gutting it out such as Ashton Lewis are left behind no matter the talent level. In such a way the baby with the fanciest bottle grows up the quickest.
 In same case ink it could be seen that some drivers arrive before the hair on their chinny chinny chin chin has time to root, thus go the route of J.J. Yeley and go from the pan to the fire rather quickly. Leaving the question of how long an owner can stick it out with you as sponsors grow in power through obvious need having ownership dance the called number or become a wallflower. Casey Atwood is another case that can somehow fit the mold or perhaps his talent never really caught up to the hype. In any case if a good driver gets a great car the combo is almost always likely to beat out a great driver in a good car. This formulation leaves what we have now as the shallow talent pool that is seen in the light of marketability and youth rather than responsible raw grit.
 It would not surprise me if the near future saw little rich kids buying their way through the Hooters Cup-ARCA-Busch-Cup on shear money alone. Why I would have to say that if I was any less needier than having to lick ketchup from a stamp I would love to blow my countless pennies on racing. Thankfully for now Richie Rich sticks with sports cars.
 But as of today paying your dues and racing your way in depends heavily on your upstart equipment and first chapter success. Well not if you drive for Jack Roush. This is one classy guy who seems to have found a few good drivers that would have otherwise fell through the cracks. Jack Roush, in my opinion is the one true exception to the rule.
 I think we are stuck with BUSCH the way it is for now and perhaps at the end of the year some changes will come. Ill say one thing, I believe if you are an owner you have the right to race if you are there. I dont claim to know what fiscal advantages that a Kevin Harvick owned team would have over another since his name would attract sponsorship sooner than others, but the foolish restrictions that NASCAR has in place at the CUP level have no home in BUSCH.
 With the stupid common car on the way you may want to take a quick glance on how much better and more enjoyable a BUSCH race is than CUP. Really some weekends the BUSCH race was WAY BETTER!