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Title: Holy Cautions!
Post by: sally on May 01, 2005, 12:43:31 PM
Fox must be ecstatic.  The Busch race had more wrecks taking out more cars than I remember in years!  I read and hear everywhere about how many more caution laps there are this year, and the blame is distributed among the new spoiler, new tires, and the impound rule.  I think there's another contributing factor that should be considered.  Is it possible that the dramatic drop in the average age of the drivers might also be a contributing factor?


Title: Holy Cautions!
Post by: Desmond on May 01, 2005, 04:15:46 PM
Oh, yes, Sally.  As has been mentioned elsewhere, the typical Busch Series driver is now either a Cup regular or really "young gun" affiliated with the larger teams.  The window for truly independent teams is fast closing, and remember that this is for what is supposed the final step toward the Nextel Cup Series.  Even the two NBS 24/7 teams, Braun Racing and FitzBradshaw Racing, have ties to Cup teams (respectively, Dale Earnhardt Inc. and Chip Ganassi).

Everyone is searching for "the next big thing," and this is the result.  It's always hard to pick the good apples out of the bunch, and the "bad apples" are going to be ruined, with nowhere to turn when their careers are cut short before they begin.