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Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Cheryl on April 06, 2004, 07:13:30 PM
I just saw a link to this article on Jayski.  This guy is really dreaming if he thinks any of us would pay for the kind of coverage we are getting right now.  But it's an interesting article anyway.



Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Vivian on April 06, 2004, 08:25:31 PM
Interesting view.  Pay per view is coming, just don't know when.  That is what WWE did and some of theirs cost as much as $50 per view.  You can find some for $19.95, and no I don't watch as I don't like wrestling.  I very seldom go to Nascar.com anymore as you have to register to read some of it and they have very little free stuff anymore.  I do like Jayski and hope he stays down to earth and keeps us updated on different stuff.  If I could get a broadcast without commercials and with decent broadcasters then I would possibly pay the $20 per race for that but I would never pay for a regular broadcast when we can basically get the same recaps and info on Victory  Lane and IWC (I refuse to call it INCR) and not really miss too much at all.  Just the over abundance of commercials.
thanks for the link.

Title: Pay-per-View?
Post by: jw on April 07, 2004, 12:02:16 AM
I think somewhere back in the 1980's, there was a NASCAR Cup race
at Pocono that was only shown on pay-per-view.  It was a major failure
& harshly criticized by fans.  This could have been the race where
Bobby Allison had his career ending accident, but I'm not 100% sure.

Title: Pay per view
Post by: sally on April 07, 2004, 01:44:44 AM
As much as I love Nascar, it will be a cold day in hell before I pay to watch a race on TV.  Especially if someone like Fox was doing the broadcast!  I'd get satellite radio and listen before I get held up for more money that way!
Sally :evil:

Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Vivian on April 07, 2004, 02:07:57 AM
JW, I watched about 2/3's of that broadcast until it was lost in space and they would not adjust my bill.  I had c-band at the time.  Never saw the last part of it but don't think it was the one with Bobby's horrendous accident - not sure though.  I liked having no commercials and I can't remember who was announcing but it was good announcers.  I even called in a question but they didn't air it.  Man, that was a long time ago.

Sally, I said possibly if it were without commercials and with decent announcers - that would be the selling point for me.  Hey, I know...I will just watch Six Pack again with Kenny Rogers.  That will cheer me up!

Have a good evening, Everyone.   :wink:

Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Cheryl on April 07, 2004, 12:45:48 PM
We got that Pocono pay-per-view race and I think it was in about 1990, a couple years after Bobby's accident there in 1988.  I can't remember who the anchor on that broadcast was, but one of the people in the booth was Robin Dallenbach (Wally's wife) who is also a racer.  

We had some friends over and were enjoying a few adult beverages, so I don't remember much else about the broadcast, except that they had an in-car radio from Rusty's car most of the time.  I remember him saying "They need to clean this oil and sh*t off the track!"  Then the anchor made a seamless transition from that by saying "That's Rusty Wallace giving us an update on track conditions."  That was hilarious, so that's why I remember it.   It sounds a lot like something Bob Jenkins could pull off with a completely straight face.  Kind of like the time they showed Geoff Bodine and Rusty (I think) flipping each other off at one of the short tracks and he smoothly said "they're telling each other they're number one."  :lol:

I already pay enough money for satellite service, so I doubt I would pay anything more for races these days considering the poor quality of the actual racing.  If they were on ESPN, possibily, but then ESPN would probably never go with the pay route.  If they were on Fox, no way!  NBC, possibily, IF they truly were commercial-free.


Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Lou on April 08, 2004, 01:37:41 PM
In the article that started this thread, the writer talked about how there are now pay networks for soccer and baseball. I think that WHEN NA$CAR goes pay-per-view, all they have to do is turn the existing SPEED channel into a pay channel and Poof!, they're done! They've been setting it up for the last couple of years.

I predict that as early as 2006 or whenever the next major TV broadcast contact bids are negotiated, that this may happen. First it will be an "alternative" to the normal network broadcast and after they see the profit, it will become THE only option.

DirecTV will offer the NA$CAR package, just like they do now for the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL....


Title: Another Fan's Opinion on Fox Coverage
Post by: Michael on April 19, 2004, 04:28:06 PM
Quote from: "Lou"
DirecTV will off the NA$CAR package, just like they do now for the NBA, MLB, NHL, and NFL....


Well, at least they let me get free previews of both NHL Center Ice and MLB Extra Innings on my digital cable. Seriously, though, I have digital for one reason: To watch Formula 1. SPEED has helped me become addicted to other things like World Superbike and the World Rally Championship. If NASCAR goes pay-per-view, screw 'em! At least (hopefully) SPEED will still be there, and hopefully Spike TV will still have Champ Cars. :D