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Title: Here is what FOX showed me....or
Post by: Smallblock bored on April 18, 2005, 03:43:55 AM
At least this is what I think I saw.

 With about 95 laps to go FOX faded to commercial on a womans’ breast. Some may say it was of the woman viewing a display but if so a better angle could have been used, twice more you could not even say her face till the last second and then she looked pretty surprised as well. It was a sad display right up the alley the FOX ran when the proclaimed that the pope had died two days in advance. If you missed that one it was a shame. But anyway my 10 year old son looked at me and laughed, he saw what was going on and I was pretty ticked. If you burned a copy take a look, it is a pity that our society is at the state that it is at and FOX is a melting pot for the whole degeneration of our moral fiber. (I think) I would like to use stronger language and if you missed it you will surly see my point on review. But enough of that.
  Jeff Hammond did a shtick on the tire inner outer thickness pressures and such. In it he said air pressure and the valve stem thing on the rim at which point he said something to the effect of “they put the ni—air in” Jeff! You almost said it! Go ahead say nitrogen, is there some kind of gag order, what’s going on here?
 Why won’t anyone say NITROGEN !?
 He came so close, or at least that’s what my opinion is.
  Back to you in the booth.