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When we lived in Maryland, many of us played in this league for years. Even though that site had some 5000 players each season, we've managed to track our own little competition among the players in Maryland. We've expanded to include Speedcouch.com readers and friends! You can join at any time during the season by going to Collective Racing. Make sure you register for the regular fantasy game, not the Pick43 game. Please register with your first and last names or at least , so we can look up your score. (See Below) Every Monday, we will post the results on this page for the Speedcouch Fantasy League. The only times we may be a little late will be if we are traveling to races and not home on Monday morning.

Speedcouch.com 2017 Fantasy League
Cheryl picks up her 2nd win this half! Congratulations! She was followed closely by Clay and Vicki. Desmond and points leader Diane finished 4th and 5th.  There were no changes in the point standings with Diane remaining in charge and picking up a couple of points over Keith and losing a couple of points to Vicki. Lou still has a death grip on last place... On to another track where your fantasy picks will require more luck than skill - Bristol!
 Week 23 - Michigan
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Cheryl   CAT Racing 39 227 0
2 Clay Funk Express 101 210 -17
3 Vicki MiMi 121 205 -22
4 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 172 193 -34
5 Diane Blossom1958 205 184 -43
6 Keith Race-Pa 236 174 -53
6 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports 236 174 -53
8 Bill Wasted Knights 269 150 -77

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