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When we lived in Maryland, many of us played in this league for years. Even though that site had some 5000 players each season, we've managed to track our own little competition among the players in Maryland. We've expanded to include Speedcouch.com readers and friends!

Speedcouch.com 2018 Fantasy League
Cheryl got the win this week and 202 points!  Keith was 2nd, just 5 points back anbd Lou was 3rd, 18 points back.  Back in 4th position, our title contenders Bill and Vicki had a TIE this week (despite actually having slightly different teams).  Imagine that!  But unlike NASCAR, we here at the Speedcouch Fantasy League do not reset points or use any champiionship gimmicks; just the two halves of the season and then a combined overall winner for the entire season.  So...without further ado, we announce that Bill is our winner for the 2nd Half of the season, beating Vicki by just 3 ppints!  Congratulations Bill!  Despite finishing a distant 3rd to Bill (106 points back), Cheryl's points from the 1st Half of the season allowed her to bring home the overall 2018 championship.  Bill was 2nd, just 9 points back!  Vicki finished 3rd overall, 262 points back.  Congratulations to all our winners!  Thanks SO much for everyone who played this season!!!  We hope you will join us again in 2019.  Have a great Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year!  See you at Daytona!!!
Race #36 - Homestead
Place Player Team Name Points Behind
1 Cheryl CAT Racing 202 0
2 Keith Race-Pa 197 -5
3 Lou Figure 1 Motorsports 184 -18
4 Bill Wasted Knights 183 -19
5 Vicki MiMi 183 -19
6 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 172 -30
7 Diane Blossom1958 169 -33
8 Rita Lucky Dog Racing 158 -44

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