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Speedcouch.com 2017 Fantasy League
Well, we have a big winner this week! Vicki was 1st in the universe! Congratulations!!!! You also cut 19 points off Lou's lead but he finished in 2nd and maintaned the YTD lead. Bill's good 3rd place finish also vaulted him up two spots in the standings from 6th to 4th place overall. Diane took home 4th this week and Cheryl continued her slow crawl back to the top. Her 5th place this week moved her up from 7th to 6th YTD. Desmond had a mediocre race and his 6th place cost him a spot in the YTD also. Something happened to Keith and Clay. Bad races for them both. Perhaps they partied too much the night before the race? Keith drops 2 spots in the overall standings down to 7th but Clay has a firm grip on dead last. Sorry guys. Better luck next week. Make sure all your drivers made the race :-) On to Martinsville. 
Race #5 - California
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Vicki MiMi 1 343 0
2 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports 23 324 -19
3 Bill Wasted Knights 30 322 -21
4 Diane Blossom1958 40 317 -26
5 Cheryl   CAT Racing 63 304 -39
6 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 218 237 -106
7 Keith Race-Pa 268 207 -136
8 Clay Funk Express 330 127 -216

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