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Speedcouch.com 2017 Fantasy League
Well Desmond defintely picked a good week to rejoin the Fantasy League!  He won this week with a score of 233 points.  Great job, Desmond and welcome back!!!  Clay was 2nd, just 5 points back and Vicki was 3rd, just 6 points back.  Actually entire group was pretty close with Bill in 4th, 10 points back; Keith in 5th, 14 points back; Cheryl 6th, 22 points back; and Lou bringing up the rear in 7th, 25 points back.  Diane has not rejoined us, so she had another DNF this week.  Keith retains the 2nd Half YTD, with everyone else staying in the same positions.  Vicki is 2nd, 12 back; Clay in 3rd, 147 back; Bill is 4th, 197 back; Cheryl is 5th, 238 back; Lou is 6th, 340 back; and Desmond is 7th, 566 points back.  Diane remains in 8th.  Thanks to everyone for playing!  Next up, Charlotte!  
 Week 29 - Dover
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Desmond Rubbin Bubba   233 0
2 Clay Funk Express   228 -5
3 Vicki MiMi   227 -6
4 Bill Wasted Knights   223 -10
5 Keith Race-Pa   219 -14
6 Cheryl   CAT Racing   211 -22
7 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports   208 -25
8 Diane Blossom1958   0 -233

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