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Speedcouch.com 2017 Fantasy League
Welcome back! The usual mayhem and unpredictability dominated Daytona and I'm sure most of our team picks had plenty of DNF's in them! Lou managed to get a few more guesses better than the rest of us and starts of the 2017 season with a win! He ended last season with a win too so he could be getting his groove back after a dismal 2016. Desmond was close behind in second place with Clay having a strong start in third. The rest of the field was a bit further behind. I'm sure we'll ALL do better in Atlanta next week when our best guessing skills come into play. :-) Thanks for coming back and having some fun with us this year!
Race #1 Daytona
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports 36 199 0
2 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 43 194 -5
3 Clay Funk Express 69 185 -14
4 Cheryl   CAT Racing 120 173 -26
5 Keith Race-Pa 128 171 -28
6 Vicki MiMi 173 161 -38
7 Diane Blossom1958 243 141 -58
8 Bill Wasted Knights 300 110 -89

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