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Speedcouch.com 2016 Fantasy League
Well we had a closer finish than the real race, with Ritchie getting the win in our group and 28th in the nation!  Great job, Richie!  Clay was just 3 points behind in 2nd and 35th in the nation.  Lou was 3rd, 16 points back and 74th in the nation.  Diane and Bill had a photo finish for 5th this week.  Good job everyone!  Because of their strong finishes, coupled with a dismal finish by both Keith and Cheryl, Desmond takes over the YTD lead and Lou catapults from 4th to 2nd YTD, just 4 points behind Desmond.  Keith drops to 3rd YTD, but is still only 7 points out of the lead. It seems actually BEING at Martinsville was not a good thing for Keith.  Perhaps too many adult beverages were consumed.  Cheryl drops to 4th and is now 24 points behind Desmond.  Vicki seems to have blown an engine and ended up in the garage this week, so Bill passes her to take over 5th YTD and Vicki drops to 6th.  As always, thanks to everyone for playing!
Race #6 - Martinsville
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Richie Knightly News Racing 28 262 0
2 Clay Funk Express 35 259 -3
3 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports 74 246 -16
4 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 106 240 -22
5 Diane Blossom1958 169 230 -32
5 Bill Wasted Knights 169 230 -32
7 Keith Race-Pa 210 221 -41
8 Cheryl   CAT Racing 275 212 -50
9 Vicki MiMi 284 210 -52

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