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Speedcouch.com 2015 Fantasy League
Despite partying hardy during the race, Keith got the win in our group this week and an awesome 4th in the nation!  Great job, Keith! Even though his wife,Vicki, plied Cheryl with that wonderful Peach Sangria, Cheryl finished 2nd, 13 points behind Keith and 19th in the nation.  Lou was 3rd, 28 points back and 73rd in the nation.  Cheryl's strong finish at Homestead allowed her to win the 2nd Half YTD in our group AND move up to Number 1 in the naton and win the 2nd Half in the entire Collective Racing group!!!  Yeah for me!  Lou finished 2nd, 76 points back.  Keith finished 3rd, 95 points behind Cheryl in the 2nd half YTD.  But, because of his mammoth lead in the 1st Half, Keith is the winner in our group for the entire season!  Good job, rookie!  Because Cheryl finish 4th in the 1st Half, she finishes 2nd overall to Keith, 132 points back.  Lou finishes 3rd overall, 214 points behind Keith.  Desmond was 4th, 334 points back; Bill was 5th, 483 back; and Vicki finishes 6th, 484 points behind her husband.  As always, we appreciate everyone playing in the Speedcouch Fantasy League!  We definitely had a spirited battle with rookies, Keith and Vicki, joining us veterans this season.  They definitely gave us old-timers a run for our money.  I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  And that you will again join us for fantasy racing in 2016. Thanks for playing!
Race #36 - Homestead
Place  Player Team Name World Rank  Points Behind
1 Keith Race-Pa 4 311 0
2 Cheryl   CAT Racing 19 298 -13
3 Lou   Figure 1 Motorsports 73 283 -28
4 Desmond Rubbin Bubba 188 251 -60
5 Matt  McGehee Boys Racing 248 238 -73
6 Richie Knightly News Racing 261 233 -78
7 Vicki MiMi 264 232 -79
8 Hannah Team 48 Racing 271 230 -81
9 Bill Wasted Knights 324 209 -102
10 Ryan Lightning McQueen Racing 371 175 -136

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