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Hi! My name is Cheryl Lauer and I'm just a regular race fan who has been following NASCAR since 1988. Okay, maybe I'm a little more hardcore than most race fans. I live in Maryland and attended my first Winston Cup race live at Richmond International Raceway in September of 1988. Since that time, I've tried to learn everything I could about stock car racing and up until 2004 rarely missed a race on television. Over the years, I've attended a lot or races live. In 2001, my husband and I attended 12 Winston Cup races. But because of rising ticket prices, lack of competition, and the restrictions at ISC-owned tracks, we've cut back significantly every year since that time. In 2005, we only attended two Cup races live: spring Martinsville and spring Dover. After that, we decided to finally give up all our Cup tickets, so 2006 was the first year I didn't attend a Cup race live since 1988. The competition in NASCAR is just not what it was when I first began following the sport, so it's no longer worth the money or time involved in attending races live. But I will still be watching the majority of NASCAR races on TV and doing periodic broadcast reviews in the future.

I still enjoy all type of stock car racing, particularly short track racing. Right now the best short track racing series around is the USAR Hooters Pro Cup Series. Their races are going to be shown every week on the Versus Channel in 2008 and I never miss a broadcast. After becoming more and more disillusioned with NASCAR over the last several years, my husband and I started attending more and more USAR races each season instead of NASCAR races. The series officials and drivers truly appreciate their fans and don't hesitate to tell you that they are glad you are there. I can't imagine ever hearing that voluntarily from a NASCAR official or a NASCAR driver. In addition at USAR races, any fan can get a pit pass for a race for only $30. This means you can stay in the pits all day long during practice and qualifying and either choose to watch the race from the pits or sit in the grandstand for that one admission price. That's certainly a lot more "fan-friendly" than NASCAR has become and probably more like what Winston Cup was like 30 years ago. Occasionally, I may review the broadcasts of USAR or other stock car races on this site as well as Cup races. Over the past five years, my husband and I have been spending increasingly more of our vacation time attending USAR races, rather than NASCAR, and that will continue in 2008. USAR just provides a true race fan with real competition and more value for your money. Since they are true one-day shows, they also don't require us to use as much of our vacation time for a single race, and so we get the side benefit of attending more races each year. You can't beat that if you are a true race fan! And more substance over the hype that NASCAR has become lately.

Over the years, I've been to NASCAR races at Rockingham, Martinsville, Charlotte, Talladega, Dover, Richmond, Daytona, Atlanta, Bristol, Darlington, Indianapolis, North Wilkesboro, Michigan, Pocono, South Boston, and Hickory. A recent count came up with over 200 Cup, Busch, or Truck races that I've attended live. I've also attended USAR races at Jennerstown, Winchester, Lakeland, Ace Speedway, Mansfield, Indianapolis Raceway Park, Lake Erie Speedway, Lonesome Pine Speedway, New River Valley Speedway, Concord, Southern National, Iowa Speedway, as well as Hickory, and South Boston.

I have a full-time job, so writing race reviews on this web site is just my hobby. I don't do it to get paid or make a name for myself in the sport. I write because I feel the TV networks need to hear what the fans like and don't like about their broadcasts. Occasionally, I may feel the need to voice my opinion about some other aspect of the sport as well.

This is probably more information about me than you wanted to know, but I felt it was important to explain my background so my readers and the TV folks understand my perspective when reviewing the races. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do creating and maintaining it!

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